Blue Jazz - Luster™ Shimmer Set
Blue Jazz - Luster™ Shimmer Set

Blue Jazz - Luster™ Shimmer Set

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The ideal fantasy makeup! Great for cheerleading, dance, theater, fantasy makeup, and face and body painting to name a few.

Blend complementary colors for infinite fantasy and glam effects.

Use luster powders directly on skin for glamour eye shadow, or as overall dusting on full body fantasy make-ups. The powders mix easily to create lighter or custom shades. The powders can also be applied on clear or colored latex, just after fully dried, to achieve a variety of beautiful and very durable fantasy effects.

Use luster cremes as a foundation or lining shades for glamour and fantasy makeup with stunning effects. To further intensify, apply the matching luster powder over the top of the creme!

Buy the matching luster powder and creme together in the luster combo stack!

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