Dazzle DIPS Blue
ProAiir Dazzle DIPS Blue

Dazzle DIPS Blue

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ProAiir DIPS is a Hybrid liquid brush-on makeup that withstands high heat, perspiration, water and natural wear that traditional makeup can't hold up to! Also certified "Skin Safe" by the US Consumer Safety Product Association.

When it's hot outside, take a DIP! Just squirt a little on a pallet, dip your brush and go. Design for detailed line work, dots or one stroke style of painting! Dips works great over other body art background products as long as it's dry. Now your time spent painting will last, no smears no tears.

Bounce Houses loves ProAiir since it doesn't smear on their equipment! DIPS is concentrated makeup for line work only - NOT for background color. There is a learning curve to this product. Don't let heat and rain ruin your masterpieces or business. DIPS will save you time and money by not requiring touch ups.

Colors Available Include:

  • Black Dazzle
  • White Dazzle
  • Gold Dazzle
  • Silver Dazzle
  • Bronze Dazzle
  • Lava Dazzle
  • Blue Dazzle

Dip and go; DIPS holds up under extreme conditions including rain, waterparks and hot sweaty days becuase it's waterproof and smudge proof. There's no other product on the market like it!  This powerful formula cleans off with liquid soap, followed by water. If brushs or sponges become dry, simply reactivate with another squirt of makeup. Watch the video for tips on application. As a reference one bottle can do between 120-140 spiderman designs ( detail line work only).

ProAiir DIPS is a concentrated pigment, cosmetic alcohol-based, highly durable hybrid formula created for use on skin. Unlike traditional cake makeup, DIPS will withstand extreme conditions like warm temperatures, sweating, water, rubbing and other activities that would normally lead to deterioration. Although much more durable than cake makeup, DIPS is not permanent and will dissolve naturally over time.   Removal is easy with LIQUID SOAP or baby oil applied directly. Use of DIPS does require some learning to perfect technique, but the results are worth the effort! Use DIPS for line work over cake makeup, powders, hybrid airbrush base paint or directly on skin.

You may need: mister bottle with 99% alcohol and small plastic seal-able pallets for blending and loading brushes.

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