Graftobian GlamAire™ Airbrush Makeup - 1oz
GlamAire™ Airbrush Makeup

Graftobian GlamAire™ Airbrush Makeup - 1oz

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Graftobian has worked closely with Hollywood makeup artist Brad Look and his peers to create an airbrush makeup range of shades and a special formulation that yields durable coverage, comfort and color while offering an alcohol-free product.

Actors/personalities and their artists include Scott Bakula of Star Trek Enterprise (Brad Look), Tim Allen of Santa Claus III (Hallie D'Amore), Courtney Cox of Dirt (Suzanne Westmore), Denise Austin the fitness expert (Suzanne Patterson) and the list goes on and on. All praise the look, feel and durability of Graftobian as they face the high definition challenges of today's filming and broadcasting techniques.

Whether you are using airbrush makeup for the nightly news anchor; the leading lady in a drama; print media such as magazines or brochures; big time film productions or just your own daily wear makeup, Graftobian GlamAire™ Airbrush Make-up will outperform and be more cost effective than whatever else you have tried.

Each shade of the GlamAire™ airbrush make-up is also available in matching HD Glamour Cremes. This allows artists to use both media on the same client when necessary without having to try to match shades manually.

The MAC, RCMA, Cinema Secrets, Visora or Black Opal equivalent to each color is given. M stands for MAC, R for RCMA, C for Cinema Secrets, V for Visora, B for Black Opal. {For instance the color "Pecan" Appears as: "Pecan, Eq: B:Hazel Nut", which is short for "Pecan, Equivalent: Black Opal:Hazel Nut"} No more than one equivalent color is listed per Graftobian color.

Shades are separated into [W] Warm, [C] Cool, & [N] Neutral classifications for your convenience (Thanks to Suzanne Patterson). The color chart generally flows from lightest to darkest within each classification.