Starchild Mix - G2GFX Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter

Starchild Mix - G2GFX Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter

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Welcome to guilt free glitter!!!! 
It can be purchased in 10g bag or 30g bag. We package all our products by weight and not volume.
The advantages to purchasing in a bag versus a bottle are:
  1. Eco-friendly packaging option - using bags is an eco-friendly packaging alternative to traditional jars, bottles, and tins. Stand up pouches are lightweight and require 75% less material to produce. The bags are reusable and require no additional outer packaging which drastically reduces unnecessary waste and consumption.
  2. Can be poured into one of the empty jars or bottles you already have - if you're like us, you have a drawer full somewhere...
  3. Re-usable, Re-closable, Re-fillable
  4. We heat seal them to create a tamper resistant seal.
What makes biodegradable glitter so special?
  • Ecological Benefits - is based on biodegradable film made from trees, primarily eucalyptus, sourced from responsibly managed plantations. 
  • Health Benefits - contains low levels of heavy metals. Antimony levels are below the limits of detection, effectively zero. Whereas, cosmetic polyester glitter can have antimony levels as high as 150ppm. The antimony in polyester is a by-product of a catalyst used in the manufacture of polyester. 
  • Cosmetic Benefits - feels more comfortable on the skin. It is physically 30-40% softer than polyester glitter. 
It is produced from a special biodegradable film that is: 
  • certified to E13432 & ASTM D6400 standards 
  • certified a industrially compostable 
  • OK Compost Home certified suitable for anaerobic digestion satisfies the requirements of Marine and waste water biodegradable ASTM D7081-05* 
  • manufactured from renewable resources and sourced to FSC® or PEFC™ standards
Our biodegradable glitter is Non GMO. No genetically modified organisms or materials are used in the process to produce it and based on information from our suppliers none of the material used to formulate it are obtained from GMO’s.

Do not apply close to the eyes or eyelids. Our Biodegradable Glitter Mixes are designed for special effects and not to be used as eye makeup.

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