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Accu-Cast 590-IBG Alginate


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Accu-Cast 590-IBG Alginate

590-IBG (5 minute @ 90 degree water) was developed specifically for face casting. Ultra-low-slump formula makes it go on much more like cake frosting rather than pancake batter- resulting in faster application and less waste. We can do a complete face mold with just 3-4 ounces of 590-IBG alginate. Other brands recommend using about a pound of their alginate when molding the face, so using Accu-cast saves you product and money.

590-IBG also has a "gradual set" feature which lets you know when the alginate is about to set so you can embed your faux mohair or plaster bandage strips in the surface in plenty of time.

A more advanced project that is perfect for 590-IBG is the complete Head Casting.

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