Accu-Cast 380-CC Alginate


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Accu-Cast 380-CC Alginate
380-CC (3 minute 80 Degree water)
Color changing alginates are much more than just a gimmick. Accu-Cast 380-CC alginate sets in about 3 minutes when using 80°F water. It is a color-changing formula for baby hand casting from Accu-Cast.
Water Temperature Is Key For Baby Hand Casting
This alginate will set in 3 minutes when using 80°F water, but when working with infants it is much better to work with body temperature alginate so the baby isn't as aware of what you're doing. We have found that starting with 95°F water is ideal because by the time you've mixed the alginate and put the baby's hand in, it has cooled to about 92°F- which is baby skin temperature. Baby's that are asleep at the beginning of the procedure never wake up during the molding process and those that ARE awake are much easier to distract.
The other advantage of using 380-CC alginate is the color-changing feature. When it is first mixed with water the 380-CC turns bright bubble-gum pink. This pink color slowly fades to white. When it has turned white, you know that it is time to insert the baby's hand because the alginate is about to set. No stop watches, no panic- 380's internal clock lets you know exactly where you are the whole time.
Of course, 380-CC alginate is also terrific for small to medium sized hand casts with adults and/or children. The 3 minute setting time can be extended to about 4 minutes if you use 70°F water.

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